Our Mission, Vision, and Values

The Mission of our multi-faceted arts organization is to develop and present the artistic projects of Tandy Beal and to enrich the cultural, educational and artistic life of the community with original concerts, workshops, ongoing arts education and innovative outreach. With artworks and education, we strive to develop emerging artists and support established artists, create partnerships with organizations to reach larger mutual goals, and unite community through the wonder of art.

Tandy Beal and Company has a vision

…of performance that blends dance with all the arts—with works that are entertaining, dramatic, insightful, elegant, thought-provoking, humorous, mysterious, surprising, and transforming;

…of children developing a lifelong love for the performing arts;

…of a community where people develop their powers of imagination and express their cultural heritages;

…of creating bridges to international understanding by presenting our work abroad and working with artists from other countries.

We believe that the arts foster qualities we value: understanding, invention, sensitivity and an appreciation of the world around us. Tandy Beal and Company is: dancers, actors, designers, musicians, technicians, administrators, audience, friends, parents, teachers, and children.

Tandy Beal and Company depends upon the generosity and vision of its audience and friends to attain these goals.

We see ourselves always making innovative, creative works, uniting community through the wonder of art, developing new artists, supporting artists, and creating partnerships with artists and institutions.

Our Values:

Our history makes clear that these are the pillars that support our choices. We have a commitment to mirroring the cultural face of America and to deepening or expanding:

·      Excellence

·      Accessibility for all ages and walks of life

·      Live art and new arts

·      Openness and warmth

·      Flexibility

·      Humor balanced with insight

·      Wonderment

·      Partnerships