HereAfterHere: a self-guided tour of eternity


HereAfterHere: a self-guided tour of eternity  is about what people think happens after we die. Why this subject? The Bible, the Qu’ran, Dante, Blake, Milton—even the New Yorker cartoonists—all celebrate the human capacity to imagine a place where no one has ever gone--or at least returned to tell all to Oprah!


Photo by Chunyi McIver

Tandy Beal & Co. astonishes us and stimulates us thoroughly... the wonderment keeps you glued.
— San Jose Mercury
It’s a wry, intriguing, poignant, never depressing, often hilarious inquiry into the idea of death and what may or may not come after. It’s a multi-media affair with 25 performers live onstage, three screens of film and video projections, and a propulsive, haunting, finely nuanced original musical score by Jon Scoville, Beal’s longtime accomplice and partner in creative rapture. There are moments of eloquent pondering throughout, but this thoughtful, probing show is never mournful. Rather, it celebrates the adventure of life, this grand stage on which every single one of us is called upon to perform without a net… her productions offer a feast of dance, music, comedy, drama, and soaring imagination. Any new production from Tandy Beal & Company is an event, and her latest, HereAfterHere, is no exception… I loved it…
— Lisa Jensen Good Times Santa Cruz

Photo by Chunyi McIver


Photo by Chunyi McIver

Community Component

The show has many community inroads for opening up this discussion, including fundraising benefits for local organizations and panels and workshops. We all have wonderings about this: Where is the hereafter located? Why is it so exclusionary? How do we get in? And what’s the price of admission? Is this Paradise Misplaced or Heaven 3.6? Sample outreach programs: Homeward Bound: rituals at the end of life, Pondering the Imponderables: Metaphors in Science, Art and Religion with scientists and religious leaders, Present at the Passing, Ready or not! Interviews are set up in libraries for the public to speak their thoughts on questions about their views and then some are included in the concert.

In our work, we are used to touching people’s lives when they are walking the end-of-life journey in real time, but it is rare and difficult for us to reach people so deeply in advance of that. Our partnership with you in this powerful series of community events has allowed that to happen, not just once, but over and over again.
— Staff of Hospice of Santa Cruz County

Photo by Chunyi McIver


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All Photos by Chunyi McIver