Tandy Beal & Company's ArtSmart Artists

Book your school or family concert from our list of amazing ArtSmart Artists! All artists have mentored with Tandy Beal to develop shows that are educational, interactive, fun and appropriate for all ages. Please email us at TandyBealCompany@gmail.com with questions, or to book your assembly today! All bookings are subject to artist availability. 

AZA - Music of Morocco

AZA’s founding members Fattah Abbou and Mohamed Aoualou are Berbers from the High Atlas mountain region of Morocco. Students will experience a variety of music that brings to light the culture of the Berbers, the indigenous people of North Africa whose recorded history dates back 3300 years. Students will hear Mohamed and Fattah play oud, banjo, guitar, ribab, percussion, lotar and sintir.   

Crosspulse Percussion Ensemble with Keith Terry

Crosspulse  - Part international drill team, part polycultural rhythm section, the Crosspulse Percussion Ensemble brings together synchronized movement, world drumming, lush vocals and innovative body music. Each of the five ensemble members bring their own deep traditions to the floor, to mix and mingle, creating a unique intercultural experience!

“...a crossing of cultures, a blurring of boundaries at its most sensitive, most humanistic, and most magical.” — National Public Radio

John Santos - Music of Latin America

Experience a wide range of styles, rhythms and songs from Cuba, México, Puerto Rico, Perú, and other Latin American countries plus original compositions from five-time Grammy-nominated percussionist John Santos -- one of the foremost exponents of Afro-Latin music in the world today!

Ka-Hon Latin Percussion Ensemble

Join Ka-Hon on an adventure in Latin percussion through traditional rhythms and songs from Peru, Mexico, Cuba, Spain and Venezuela in this highly interactive and engaging performance. Featuring Bay Area artists: Jose Roberto Hernandez, Pedro Rosales, and Grammy Award Winners: Omar Ledezma, Jr., Javier Cabanillas, and Braulio Barrera.  The Ka-Hon Ensemble explores various rhythms of the world that can be played with a simple wooden box (cajon).  For Study Guide, Click Here!

Linda Tillery and the Cultural Heritage Choir

The Cultural Heritage Choir is a Grammy © nominated, percussion driven, vocal ensemble. Linda Tillery's vision is to research, record and perform the music of the African diaspora. Ms.Tillery has been both a singer and percussionist for Taj Mahal, Bobby McFerrin, Holly Near, Eric Bibb, and many others. Performing together since 1992, the Cultural Heritage Choir creates dynamic rhythms and sparkling energy on stage. Their vocals are lush and vibrant; their performances are interactive and uplifting. 

“What makes our concerts fun for kids is that they can really get involved in the music. We teach them rhythms, get them singing, clapping and dancing so it feels more like a party than a concert.”

Magic Carpet World Dance and Music

Experience a dazzling variety of world dance and music, and you don't even need a visa! On the Magic Carpet, students and teachers witness identity, tradition, culture and geography, gaining a larger sense of our world and a greater appreciation for their own background, families and heritage – all while experiencing the beauty of our world through dance and music.
For Study Guide, Click Here!

Micha Scott Dances

One of our most interactive and popular shows, Micha Scott and her dancers explore the tools a choreographer uses to create dance, while delivering a fast-paced, rhythmic and fun performance. Students are invited on stage in large numbers to participate in individual and group movement explorations. Micha Scott Dances was mentored by Tandy Beal and is directed by Micha Scott, former soloist with Garth Fagan (choreographer for the Lion King).  Micha Scott Dances has encouraged deep classroom discussions about career possibilities.  Click Here for Study Guide!

 “Ms. Scott is a powerhouse...she exudes enthusiasm and energy...” — NY Chronicle, Rochester 


SoVoSó is a multi-cultural a cappella ensemble that sings a unique rhythmic mix of jazz, gospel, world and R&B music. SoVoSó continues to pioneer new horizons in contemporary vocal performance, bringing traditional world rhythms into the 21st century. They have toured in the US and Europe. Two SoVoSó members have performed with Bobby McFerrin’s Voicestra since 1993 (which is where they met Tandy) . SoVoSó has shared the stage with Gladys Knight, Michael McDonald, Bobby McFerrin and Maya Angelou.  

Step Right Up to Circus and Other Magic!

Concentration and attention to detail are what make each circus act inspirational. With artful physical feats of strength and flexibility, juggling, illusions and rhythmic gymnastics, audiences are brought into the wonder that is all around us. Circus is a way of helping us see the extraordinary in the ordinary.  Click Here for Study Guide!

Venezuelan Music Project

Combining indigenous-Venezuelan, West African and Spanish-European influences, the Venezuelan Music Project emerges as a dynamic ensemble full of vitality, energy and color. Highly interactive and educational, students learn about instruments, rhythm, culture, migration, cooperation and creativity.  Click Here for Study Guide!