Classroom Residency Programs

Dance Around the World (DATW) is Tandy Beal & Company’s award-winning classroom residency, led by a growing list of master teachers. Exploring a specific culture, students develop teamwork, concentration, geographic knowledge, and respect for the diversity and beauty in other cultural traditions and art forms. DATW culminates in a final performance with students and professional, local world dancers sharing the stage! Classes are held during school-times to ensure equal access to this program.  Photos: Dance Around the World at Amesti Elementary, Watsonville.

Cost: Our creative movement residencies average $2,000.* This includes a 8-10-session residency course for 2 classrooms, preferably 3rd grade, which includes: creative movement classes, a guest artist class, a final performance with the students and professional world dancers, and a follow-up class to bring it all together and allow students to reflect on the experience. (*We know funds are limited, and we are happy to help schools explore ways to help cover the costs through grants or fundraising activities.) 

Please consider helping us fully fund this wonderful community program. 

School-wide Opportunities and Performances for Parents: Although the movement classes are held for one grade, there are many creative ways that additional classrooms, and even the entire school can be involved, making this a truly school-wide residency. Parent involvement is encouraged in the classroom work, and an additional evening parents' performance can be held at an extra charge (or in place of the daytime performance). We encourage creative participation at all levels to meet the needs and goals of each school community.

ArtSmart Professional Development Workshops

Utilizing visual, aural, and kinesthetic learning tools, Tandy Beal & Company helps teachers develop fun and practical strategies to connect Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication to curriculum. Using the tools of dance, music, creative problem solving, and rhythm, we practice the discipline (and joy!) of close observation and sustained inquiry as an effective way to help children strengthen skills in world geography, language, social studies, science and math.