When your Class Participates in Dance Around the World or ArtSmart                                                                   you can earn 1 to 4 Continuing Education Units                                        through these Tandy Beal and Company Programs

 Beginning September 1, 2018, CEU’s are $80 per Unit---15 Hours = 1 CEU

Please contact Audrey Sirota to apply at asirota@santacruzcoe.org


The University of the Pacific

* Professional Development Course can earn from 1-4 credits

* $80 per semester unit

* This can be used anywhere (nationally and/or internationally) for teachers to earn credits.

Course Requirements

Course Description Overview:

ArtSmart, Enhancing Arts Education: With concerts, professional development workshops, sequential in-school dance classes, and culminating school performance for peers and families, Tandy Beal and Company Teaching-Artists demonstrate and teach ways to enliven curriculum with arts learning, aligned with VAPA standards. New vistas emerge when new experiences captivate the full person—which is what art can do. A principal wrote ArtSmart is: such an empowering opportunity for our teachers to partner with qualified and passionate artists. Without a doubt, this level of arts instruction enriches the curriculum, motivates the students and gives them opportunities to build their creativity, work as a team and foster self-confidence.”You have the opportunity to choose short separate modules or the full course. The entry into the arts is often seeing and hearing great art in concert, so we provide opportunities for excellent interactive concerts in world and contemporary music, dance, and circus arts with award-winning artists (see tandybeal.com/artsmart-artists/). Also available are Professional Development workshops designed to show ways to integrate arts into the curriculum. Teacher: “This concert program helped emphasize that learning happens both inside and outside of the classroom…(and) that you learn just as much through art and dance as you do in reading, writing, or math.”

The full course Dance Residencies (noted below as Dance Around the World) offer arts learning in your own classroom. Teacher: It was great to dance alongside the students and let them see me as a learner, too.” For the full course, your school needs to be contracted for a Dance Around the World Residency (DATW) with your classroom participating. Teachers can initiate this program as well. (contact tandybealcompany@gmail.com) Parent: We had no idea what a wonderful experience we were in for. It was educational, creative and an absolute delight. Every child in the county should have this experience.”

 Course Objectives:

·       To enhance classroom teachers’ appreciation of the tools of art.

·       To give accessible tools for teachers to successfully integrate into their classroom.

·       To gain a broad understanding of how the arts develop teamwork, concentration, socio-emotional skills and more.

·       To learn imaginative ways to increase children’s learning about geography and to increase awareness of the diversity of beauty in other cultures.

·       To demonstrate ways to use movement as a classroom management tool.

·       To inspire with concerts with artists who model joy through disciplined focus, beauty in diverse world cultures, interracial harmony, and unexpected possibilities from the tools of the imagination. The concerts, in the varied non-verbal art forms of music, dance & circus, each have bilingual performers making language less of a barrier. We believe captivating, exuberant art can broaden perspectives and, especially for children, expand their dreams for themselves, invite them to think creatively, and extend their knowledge. The ultimate goal is to support their being successful in school and feeling joy in their lives.

Course Outline and Method of Evaluation:

The first step is contact with participant when TBC gives more detailed methods, forms, timelines, benchmarks, and expectations. Timely communication is fundamental.

Short forms of ArtSmart  CEUs:

1. (1 to 3 hours) Attending Concerts away from school with your class to performances (Mello Center for Performing Arts or other theatres): These shows feature professional world dance, music and circus artists in a performance crafted for youth. We provide study guides for pre-show preparation, as well as activities to use with your class to incorporate and integrate the learning. Activities: Choose which concert to attend, get parent approval and chaperones, plan day accordingly. Contact your principal or TBC (tandybealcompany@gmail.com) for dates, times, artists. Use our pre-concert study guides to prepare the class. Discuss with class appropriate theatre behavior. Participant brings class and chaperones to concert. Discuss the experience with class post-concert and even try out what was seen onstage. Assessment: Write an online evaluation on our website, noting lessons learned by teacher and by students, VAPA benchmarks, and note success of in-class discussions.

 2. (1 to 5 hours) AND/OR Presenting an ArtSmart concert to your school: Participant presents a concert to the school. We have many diverse artists and several different formats. These shows are approximately one hour long, and geared toward various age groups. Normally artists do two shows, back to back, to accommodate your student population. Activities: Participant arranges the logistics with the Principal and the Company, (invites school and parent engagement, ensures room is clean and ready for artists, makes arrangements for seating and sound). Some funding is necessary to support the concerts. This can be auxiliary school funding, from the district, or with grants available from local Arts Agencies. We work with you to plan resources. Assessment is based on the completion of a concert at the school with a final written evaluation of the process. Clear timely communication skills are needed.

 3. (Hours determined by length of workshop) Professional Development workshops with TBC: TBC teachers give workshops in hands on techniques to enhance, integrate and inspire arts learning in the classroom. Assessment: Participant is present at workshop learning creative movement exercises connected to curriculum and classroom management techniques;  writes online report on how s/he used the tools in classroom, noting successes and obstacles that were experienced.

ArtSmart Residency FULL CREDIT CEU course outline and assessment:

 (8 hours) In-class participation during classroom instruction by our Teaching Artists in our program Dance Around the World (DATW). Participant is present at each class and participates in weekly sequential classes for 8 weeks. These creative movement residencies culminate in a concert alongside adult world dance and music artists for the school. Assessment: You actively participate in class taught by our Teaching-Artists, alongside your students.

 (2 to 4 hours) 2-4 Administrative meetings with our team to develop planning for arts integration in your classroom. Assessment: Participant engages actively with planning for DATW, including formal meetings with TBC & informal meetings (pre or post class) with our Teaching Artist to ensure alignment of goals. Involve families of children to volunteer in DATW classes and invite families to come to culminating concerts of the students.

 (Up to 5 hours) Class prep incorporating art into your daily lesson plan. Participant chooses ways to integrate their ongoing curriculum with arts investigation and then writes 3 lesson plans incorporating creativity, movement, music and/or rhythm aligned with VAPA standards. Our lead teacher reviews. Assessment: One hour discussion with Teaching-Artist.

(1 to 4 hours) Utilizing our ‘Cultural Passport’ to research and study the ArtSmart country of focus with your class. Use the template we offer to encourage curiosity about the world and its varied cultures, weaving this into class curriculum. Assessment: Participant integrates the Passport with their curriculum to develop awareness & knowledge about geography, cultures, arts, food and language.

 (1 to 3 hours) Tracking student improvement in VAPA and PE competencies throughout the residency. Assessment: With our teaching-artist, Participant keeps note of children’s progress and growth in VAPA and PE competencies on template we provide.

Suggested readings:

TBC Teachers’ Handbook: Art, the 4th R

Mind, Body, Spirit in Action: a Teachers guide to Creative Dance, by Patricia Reedy

Creative Dance for All Ages, 2nd Edition with Web Resource, Anne Green Gilbert

Brain Compatible Dance Education, Anne Green Gilbert

Movement Stories for Young Children: Ages 3-6 (Young Actors Series), Helen Landalf

First Steps in Teaching Creative Dance, Mary Joyce

Bios of key ArtSmart Teaching Artists of Tandy Beal and Company (TBC):

Paula Bliss musician, composer, performer and teacher. Teaches Children's Dance at San Jose State University to future elementary teachers. Taught for Dance Force (with Mary Joyce & Sue Cambigue) in San Mateo, and teaches both music and dance annually in many SC schools. Lead teacher in Spectra Plus, a program with Gault Elementary and Cultural Council, the first local program to infuse the arts into the curriculum. For over 2 decades, Paula has been performing and teaching with TBC. Paula annually teaches professional development workshops for Santa Clara Dept of Education & San Jose State Univ. “Master teacher Paula Bliss, through her talents dance, music and poetry, brings joy to learning for the thousands she has taught and continues to teach in Santa Cruz County.” Mayor’s Proclamation.

Ali Daniels, MFA, Sarah Lawrence College, taught for 4 years at the prestigious Jacques d’Amboise National Dance Institute in New York City. She is currently a faculty member in Dance at Monterey Peninsula College.

Micha Scott began her dance path with a scholarship to Cal Institute for the Arts. After one year, Garth Fagan hired her to tour worldwide. Soloist with Garth Fagan Dance Company for 13 years. Founding teacher of Garth Fagan School. Micha taught ‘at risk’ youth throughout Rochester, daily Company classes, and at SUNY Brockport, UC Santa Cruz, Santa Clara University and Cabrillo College (as lecturer). Soloist in: PBS special Griot in New York; Michael Franks music video; Tandy Beal. Her dancing featured in Time, Essence and Dance Magazines. Former artistic Director, Diaspora Dance Company at Tannery World Dance Center. Director of Youth Programs at Tannery and teaches at Mt Madonna.

 Saki BFA, Modern Dance, University of Utah. Dancer/arts educator for Pickle Family Circus & TBC. Performs and teaches also with Dr. Shaffer & Mr. Stern (Kennedy Center’s Arts Partners in Education), ‘MathDance’ based on curriculum for K-12. Member of Artist/Teacher Partnership program for Santa Cruz County Office of Education. Developed arts curricula for SC Arts Council. On SPECTRA Arts Education roster for 15 years, in 50 schools. Currently Director of Dance for WEST Theatre.

Artistic Director: Tandy Beal toured world-wide with Alwin Nikolais Dance Theatre & in France, with Carolyn Carlson. Tours with TBC & Bobby McFerrin, with whom she has worked 30+ yrs. Premiered new family show for Ririe-Woodbury ‘14. Directed Moscow Circus in Japan & Pickle Circus in US. Guest appearances: Atlanta Ballet, Remy Charlip, Murray Louis, Momix, Oakland Ballet. Collaborations: Zappa, John Adams, Art Lande, Lou Harrison, SoVoSo.  Choreographer for Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Xmas, MTV & emmy award winning PBS special Voice/Dance. Award from AFI to make film. SF Perf Arts Library video: 4 Dance Icons of the West. Teaching: Centre National de la Danse Contemporaine (France), Mills, 30 years at University of Utah as guest artist, UC Santa Cruz. Chaired Dance Dept, Cabrillo College. Designed pedagogy classes at UCSC & Cabrillo. Taught arts pedagogy at University of Utah and UCSC Master in Ed program. Chosen by NEA as Movement Artist for their AIS program. Speaker, DANCE USA colloquium on arts education.