When your Class Participates in Dance Around the World or ArtSmart                              

You can earn 1 to 5 CEU’s through these Tandy Beal and Company Programs

Beginning September 1, 2018, CEU’s are $80 per Unit---15 Hours = 1 CEU

Please contact Audrey Sirota to Apply at asirota@santacruzcoe.org

 Ways to Earn CEU’s

Dance Around the World Classroom Residencies

With concerts, dance classes, and performing for peers and families, DATW engages students to broaden their perspective and their dreams, invites them to think creatively, expands their knowledge, and brings joy to their lives. If your class participates in a DATW residency, you can accrue hours toward units for:

(8 Hours) In-class participation during classroom instruction by our Teaching Artists. You participate alongside your students in weekly sequential classes for 8 weeks. These creative movement residencies culminate in a concert alongside adult world dance and music artists. 

(2 to 4 Hours) Administrative meetings with our team.

(Up to 5 Hours) Class prep incorporating art into your daily lesson plan. You write up your lesson plans incorporating VAPA goals and our lead teacher reviews.

(1 to 4 Hours) Utilizing our ‘Cultural Passport’ to research and study the county of focus with your class. This can be 1 to 4 class times.

(1 to 3 Hours) Assisting us to track improvement in VAPA and PE standard skills throughout the residency.


The entry into the arts is often seeing and hearing great art in concert. If your class participates in an AS event, you will accrue hours toward units for:

(1 to 3 Hours) Bringing your class to performances at the Mello Center or other venues. These shows feature professional world dance and music artists in a performance crafted for elementary aged children. We provide study guides for pre-show preparation, as well as activities to use with your class to incorporate and integrate the learning afterwards. Value = one hour per concert, one hour working with your class and our pre-concert materials, and one hour with post-concert discussions. Your synopsis will be given to us in our online form.

 (1 to 5 Hours) Bringing our artists to your school for a performance. We have many diverse artists and several different formats. These shows are generally one hour long, and geared toward your entire school. We can do up to three shows in one day to accommodate your entire student population. Your hours will include the actual show, plus your work to get the performances organized and funded for your school.

Other Ways to Earn CUE’s

Tandy Beal and Company offers Professional Development Workshops for classroom teachers.

These workshops can be ‘stand alone’ or in coordination with DATW residencies or performance attendance. This professional development will be counted hour for hour towards your CEU’s. We can craft a session just for the teachers at your school or district wide. These can also be part of an in-service day.

The focus of the workshops is to empower and inform classroom teachers with strategies and exercises to include arts education in their daily teaching. These trainings are experiential rather than lecture – you will be up and moving and learning!

About These Programs and Our Company

Overview: Why bring art into the classroom?

Art can cross the divide of economics, language and race. Most California schools lack adequate arts programming. We believe the development of the imagination, supported directly through the arts, is a key springboard for problem solving and community building skills. The Center for Public Education wrote: “An ability to communicate clearly and persuasively, creativity in problem solving and a passion to embrace new ideas are widely recognized as 21st century job skills.” Art can serve as a focused lens to look at our lives deeply, feel wonder and experience harmony in the midst of diverse opinions and people.

Teaching the next generations to use their imaginations productively opens future possibilities. Connecting the mind, body and heart is central to our work. Especially when one works in public schools (with English often as a 2nd language) this connection is a valuable tool, not only for unique ways to illuminate curriculum, but to bring back wonder, excitement and success in learning and reveal central life issues such as how to live in one's body, work and communicate with others.

Our Company has worked in schools for 45 years. ArtSmart combines our many platforms into a unified whole. AS is a clear tool to help shift the arts ecology since each interconnected aspect supports the other to engage the community at every level, and through this project, engage and employ artists.

More about Dance Around the World: Increase high quality art experiences for children through movement classes.

DATW offers curriculum-integrated dance classes in the public schools over 8-9 weeks, culminating in a final concert at each school with students dancing alongside world dancers. A guest world dancer also comes into each class in full costume to teach and inspire. DATW classes align with Common Core principles of Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Analysis. We provide Cultural Passports to classes to engage everyone in the goal of looking outside of themselves, and towards the larger world. The Passport connects dance to language learning and social studies. A principal wrote: “This is an extraordinary opportunity” and a "superior tool to inspire children to learn and to focus". Our goal is to teach ‘enduring concepts’ such as focus, cooperation, listening skills, coordination, healthy risk taking, and creativity through movement, dance and rhythm.

Teacher evaluations of DATW say the classes increase socio-emotional learning as well as exposure to creativity and to world art: “I was inspired by your organization’s determination to awaken our students to the world and to art forms from other cultures. My class is fortunate to have your Saki teach them movement and communication. They are learning an immense amount in a very short amount of time: decision making, good choices, problem solving, and creating, are all critical thinking skills that they are learning from this experience.”

Our History

Tandy Beal and Company (TBC) is one of the longest-running arts organizations in the region. TBC has toured four continents and developed artists who went on to Cirque du Soleil, Stomp, Paramount, Pilobolus, and Martha Graham. Collaboration highlights include Bobby McFerrin, Korean National Treasure AeJu Lee, Oakland Ballet, Frank Zappa, NASA's SETI Project, and the Baltimore Opera. TBC ran the Pickle Circus for ten years and the Moscow Circus in Japan for two.

TBC has been teaching in public schools for over 45 years, beginning in Watsonville in 1972.

For more, please visit us at TandyBeal.com