Study Guides and Pre- and Post-Concert Activities

Thank you for your involvement in our ArtSmart Program! This page contains Study Guides, and Pre- and Post-Concert activity suggestions for your class. We hope these materials enrich the concert-viewing for both you and your students. Thank you!

California Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Content Standards

Step Right Up! Circus-Flavored Dance - A Study Guide in Creativity, Cooperation and Fun!
Micha Scott Dances! Study Guide! - A Study Guide in Movement and Observation

Venezuelan Music Project - Study Guide - A Study Guide in Music, Culture and History
The Magic Carpet: World Dance - Study Guide: Building Community, Compassion and Understanding
Linda Tillery & the Cultural Heritage Choir - Rhythm, Connection, and the African Diaspora
Keith Terry's Crosspulse - A Study Guide in Rhythm, Math, Music, History and Social Studies

ArtSmart Concert Discussion Questions

After the performance, please have a short discussion with your class about how they saw the following Common Core and VAPA standards demonstrated by the performers:

1) How did the performers demonstrate:
~History and Culture?
~Did any part of the performance relate to subjects that you are already learning in school? How?

2) How was seeing this concert today valuable to you?