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40 Odd Moves: Solos and Other Entertainments  
(Photos by Chunyi McIver)


Nutz RE-Mixed 2015



Mangia del Arte (Photos: Lobero Theatre)



Documentary about Tandy Beal and Interview by I-Fen Lin.

Santa Cruz Treasures, Director Tandy Beal and Playwright Wallace Baine of Oscar's Wallpaper spoke about its premier at the 20th Anniversary of 8 Tens @ 8 Festival. 

Tandy Beal on Artists on Art talking about her upcoming "First Solo in Years" theatrical event, 40 Odd Moves, and her 40th Year Celebration of Tandy Beal and Company. The music is from the show and composed by Jon Scoville.

On August 5, 2011, Tandy Beal and Friends performed a Flashmob on Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz by walking as 'spirits' slowly and ethereally. They did not speak. They made slow gestures and glances at passers-byers. When they converged, they flutter-hearted and dispersed.

I directed this video at Colossal Pictures. Tandy Beal did the choreography. Jon Else shot it. Mary Stutz managed wardrobe for all those people at the end. Maybe the lack of wardrobe for everyone at the beginning made up for that.