We are pleased to announce our Mello Center Performance schedule for 2018-19!

Choose one, two, or all three shows for your class!

Each is entertaining, educational, interactive, and promises to be lots of fun!!

Each performance has two showings: 10:00am and 12:15pm. To sign up to attend a show, please go here:

1. Nov. 29 (Thursday) — Wowie-Zowie!** — Jeff Raz, Diane Wasnak, and Saki

**10:00 am show sold out — 12:15 pm has 20 seats left!

Meet stars of Cirque du Soleil and Pickle Family Circus, Pino and Razz and local sensation, Saki. All of them have starred in Tandy Beal productions over the years. This uplifting performance brings young people into the wonderment of circus and physical comedy. Musical juggling, astounding feats of balance, rhythmic gymnastics, bicycle antics and many interactive sections to bring joy, wonder and inspiration!!

Jeff Raz; Photo Lenny Gonzalez

Jeff Raz; Photo Lenny Gonzalez

Diane Wasnak, Photo Cliff Warner

Diane Wasnak, Photo Cliff Warner


2. Feb. 5 (Tuesday) —The Magic Carpet Ride — World Dance and Music

Professional dancers from around the world inspire our students with their traditional dance and music. A short video gives an introduction to the geography of each country. Dancers are chosen from various continents to provide a range of global cultures. Colorful, fun and instructive.  You get to see the world, even without a passport!


3. March 14 (Thursday) — Crosspulse Percussion Ensemble

10:00am Show Sold Out — Lots of available seats at 12:15pm

Rhythm, Culture and the Number 5 — Part international drill team, part polycultural rhythm section, the Crosspulse Percussion Ensemble brings together synchronized movement, world drumming, lush vocals and innovative body music. Each of the five ensemble members bring their own deep traditions to the floor, to mix and mingle, creating a unique intercultural experience! Weaving the oldest musical instrument, the human body, with instrumental webs of hand drums, bells, claves, banjo, voice and more — Crosspulse embodies a virtual world tour.